Representation for Fighting Prostitution Charges

PC § 647(b)

Can Charges for Prostitution Be Fought?

There are common defense strategies that can and do work, including:
  • Entrapment defense
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Lack of reliable and trustworthy evidence
  • Statute of Limitation

What Can an Attorney Do?

If you are facing the Misdemeanor Offense of Prostitution Under PC § 647(b) an attorney may be able to dismiss the charge at the pretrial stage or reduce the charge according to a Plea Bargain.

In some cases, we may present your case to a Jury to resolve factual issues.

If you’ve been previously convicted of Prostitution and placed on probation we can seek a petition to Expunge Your Criminal Record or can Motion the Court to End Probation Early.

If you were arrested but never charged we can seek to Destroy Your Arrest Record so that it will never be seen.

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