Charged With Baby DUI under CVC 23140?

Drug and Alcohol Ticket

What exactly is Baby DUI under CVC 23140?

Under California Vehicle Code 23140, “It is unlawful for a person under the age of 21 years who has 0.05 percent or more by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle.”

This is called a “Baby DUI” because the class of people who can potentially get charged are minors.  It comes with a mandatory 1 year license suspension.

If you have been charged with CVC 23140, we can help!

There are legal ways to avoid many, if not all, of these consequences.  A DUI is a misdemeanor case.  This means that you have the constitutional right to a jury trial, to confront the witnesses accusing you, and to see the government’s evidence.  There are defenses that can result in anything from a complete dismissal or acquittal of the charge to reduction in the charges or the penalties of the offense.

Our DUI Experience

  • We have handled hundreds of DUI cases all over in California and have successfully taken many DUI cases to trial.
  • We have studied case law and all applicable statutes and regulation regarding DUI, including Title 17, which is the code of regulations that governs DUI forensic testing.
  • We have studied various medical journals and forensic science publications on the science of DUI and have used this knowledge successfully in court.
  • We keep up on new law and science so that our defense is on the cutting edge of the field.
  • We have studied and used in court various law enforcement manuals on DUI investigation including BAC testing, Field Sobriety Testing, and recognition of objective symptoms of alcohol intoxication
  • We are persuasive court room advocates who literally appear in court every single day in California courts and often make multiple appearances per day.
  • We are known by judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement and have unmatched credibility in the courts.

Our DUI service includes

  • Free Consultation – Sit down face-to-face with a lawyer and discuss the facts of your case.  You will get a full analysis, legal opinion, and recommended course of action.
  • DMV representation – If you were arrested for DUI, the DMV will try and suspend your license.  You have only 10 days from the date of arrest to request a hearing to contest the license suspension.  We can contact the DMV and request a hearing, request the evidence they have in their case, and request a stay on your license suspension, so you can keep driving pending the hearing.
  • Court Representation – Your DUI may also mean that you are being charged with a misdemeanor.  We are skilled criminal attorneys and we focus our practice on DUI cases.  We can advocate for you in court to try and acheive a dismissal, acquittal, or substantial reduction in the charges.
  • Jury Trial Representation – We appear in California Courts everyday and most days, multiple courts.  We have tried a high volume of DUI cases over the years.  If your case proceeds to jury trial, you can have a skilled team of attorneys, investigators, experts, and admin staff working your case to the fullest.

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