Cell Phone Ticket – CVC 23123(a)

Cell Phone Ticket Attorney

Got a cell phone ticket?

Cell phone tickets are becoming more and more common.  Police are aggressively citing people for talking or texting while driving.

We commonly get these tickets dismissed either before trial or after a trial on the merits.  Remember, the police have the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you were talking on the phone while driving beyond a reasonable doubt.

What to do if pulled over for cell phone violation?

Do not admit anything to the police officer.  Remain polite and say as little as possible.  If you admit to using your cell phone, your statement may be used against you later in court.


Remember, preserve all the evidence you can.  You have phone records that show you were not talking or texting at the time of the citation.  You may be able to present those to the judge in defense of your case.

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Attorney Advantage

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