Defending a Pace Ticket

Defending a Pace Ticket

A pace is where the officer matches the speed of the target vehicle and determines its speed using his or her own speedometer. The “device” used to measure the speed of the vehicle is the officer’s speedometer in his cruiser or motorcycle. The officer must show that this device was working properly.

How Do You Know If Pace Was Used?

The officer will sometimes tell you how your speed was measured during the vehicle stop. If not it will say on the ticket. There should be a spot on the ticket marked “pace.” Check to see if that box was checked off.

What The Officer Has To Bring To Court?

In order to prove the elements of a speeding ticket based on a pace the officer must bring

  1. A front and back copy of the original citation, including any officer notes on the back of the ticket.
  2. Proof that the officer’s speedometer was accurate and working properly on the day of the citation.
  3. A good memory of the events giving rise to the citation.

Pace Defenses

  1. Has the Officer been trained to pace a vehicle properly?
  2. Was the officer’s speedometer calibrated?
  3. Has the vehicle been in any accidents or received any maintenance that would throw off the accuracy of the speedometer during the time between its last calibration and the date of the citation.
  4. Did the officers completely “match” the speed of the target vehicle and for how long?

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