Defending a LIDAR Ticket

Lidar is different from Radar. Instead of using radio frequencies to measure speed, Lidar uses an infrared laser that measures the distance of a car traveled over a period of time and calculates the velocity (speed). There are many ways to win a Lidar ticket.

How Do You Know If Lidar Was Used?

The officer will sometimes tell you how your speed was measured during the vehicle stop. If not it will say on the ticket. Look in the lower middle right and there will be a box that says “lidar” and space for the officer to write a serial number. This will be used later in court.

What The Officer Has To Bring To Court?

In order to prove the elements of a speeding ticket measured with lidar the officer must bring

  1. A front and back copy of the original citation, including any officer notes on the back of the ticket.
  2. Proof that the lidar device the officer used to measure the speed was accurate and working properly on the day of the citation.
  3. A good memory of the events giving rise to the citation.

Lidar Defenses

  1. Has the Officer been trained to use the lidar gun properly?
  2. Has the Officer completed at least 24 hours of a Radar (yes radar) Operator Course as required by California Vehicle Code 40802(c)(1)(A)?
  3. Was the lidar gun properly calibrated?
  4. Does the lidar gun meet or exceed the minimal operational standards of the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration as required by California Vehicle Code 40802(c)(1)(D)?
  5. Has the lidar been calibrated within the three years prior to the date of the alleged violation by an independent certified laser or radar repair and testing or calibration facility as required by California Vehicle Code 40802(c)(1)(D)?
  6. Did the officer use the lidar gun in accordance with its manufacturer’s specifications?
  7. Did the officer lidar the correct vehicle?
  8. Did the radar make any technical errors like bouncing where the lidar beam hits a different part of the vehicle at the beginning of the measurement then at the end of the measurement.
  9. Did the officer test the device for accuracy before and after his shift?

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