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Los Angeles County Traffic AttorneysThe Los Angeles County Traffic Attorneys at California Ticket King, PC are professionals at fighting and negotiating traffic tickets in Los Angeles County, California.  We’ve helped many avoid convictions reduce DMV points, stay out of jail and prevent auto insurance premium increases.  Most of the time, you don’t even have to go to court.  We are criminal lawyers and traffic attorneys dedicated to fighting traffic tickets, infractions, citations, moving violations and criminal charges like yours. Contact us at 877.985.0002 for a free consultation with one of our expert traffic lawyers.

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Our team of traffic attorneys have won thousands of infraction cases for general drivers and CDL drivers, including:

Our team of ticket lawyers have successfully argued for reduced fines, no jail time and dismissed hundreds of misdemeanor tickets, including:

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Vartkes Artinian, Esq.

Vartkes Artinian, Esq.

Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

Vako Artinian is the newest addition to California Ticket King.  Originally from Los Angeles, he graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2006, and obtained his Law Degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2012.

Prior to joining California Ticket King, he volunteered as a certified legal intern at the San Diego Public Defender’s Office, where he logged over 250 hours in court representing criminal defendants who could not afford private counsel.  He also volunteered as a certified legal intern at the Veteran’s Legal Assistance Clinic, where he provided free legal services to American War Veterans.  Mr. Artinian has competed nationally for Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Mock Trial Team, its Alternative Dispute Resolution Team, and has served as an Editor on its student run newspaper.

Before law school, he worked for various law firms, holding positions from file clerk to paralegal. One of his most significant pre-law working experiences was his clerkship at the Law Offices of Mary Ellen Felps in Austin, Texas, where he had the opportunity to accompany Ms. Felps to various Texas State Penitentiaries as she did pro bono work for Death Row inmates appealing their Death Sentence.

From an early point in his life, Mr. Artinian knew he wanted to make a career out of helping others, and to give back to his community.  He also quickly realized his passion was in Criminal Defense work.  He focused his time in law school pursuing these interests, and in developing the skills necessary to provide you with the quality of service you expect and deserve.

Attorney Advantage

Hiring an attorney to defend your traffic ticket may mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. With high fines, DMV points and your license at stake, you need an experienced traffic law firm to handle it. Our traffic attorneys are the best in the business because:



We know the law and procedure that govern traffic law and traffic courts. We use the knowledge we've gained to get an advantage in court. Knowing the right legal maneuvers may mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.


We go to court for you

Under Penal Code 977 we can make all your court appearances without you having to be present. In most cases, you will never have to go to court. We appear on your behalf and represent you to the fullest extent of the law.


Cost effective

Hiring an attorney doesn't have to be expensive. Our fees are reasonable because we have designed our business to be efficient. Many clients actually save money because they have hired our law firm.