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San Diego Traffic Courts

About San Diego Courts, Infraction & Misdemeanor Cases

San Diego Courthouses

While San Diego County has 10 state courthouses, not all of them hear traffic and criminal cases.  Some only hear civil cases.  The federal court even hears a few infraction and misdemeanor cases when an alleged violation of state law is committed on federal property.

Which Courts Hear Traffic and Infraction Cases?

San Diego County has 4 main courthouses that hear traffic and infraction cases.  They are:

Which Courts Hear Criminal Cases?

San Diego has a few courthouses that hear state misdemeanor and felony cases.  Those courthouses are:

  • San Diego Central Courthouse (220 West Broadway, San Diego, 92101)
  • North County
  • East County
  • South County

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We are San Diego Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorneys.  We practice in all criminal and traffic courthouses in San Diego County.  We offer free consultations for any traffic or criminal case.  Our fees are competitively priced, but our skills and results are superior.  If you would like to talk further please call our office at 619-708-2073 or email us at

Scott Hullinger, Esq.

Scott Hullinger, Esq.

San Diego Traffic Attorney

Scott Hullinger is a San Diego County Traffic Attorney. Criminal law is his primary field of practice with experience working on all levels and types of criminal cases. Prior to becoming an attorney he worked as an engineer for several high-tech companies in the San Diego area.

Areas of Practice:

Bar Admissions:

  • California, 2009


  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego, California – J.D. 2008
  • Utah State University, Logan, Utah – B.S. 2002

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Attorney Advantage

Hiring an attorney to defend your traffic ticket may mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. With high fines, DMV points and your license at stake, you need an experienced traffic law firm to handle it. Our traffic attorneys are the best in the business because:


We know the law and procedure that govern traffic law and traffic courts. We use the knowledge we've gained to get an advantage in court. Knowing the right legal maneuvers may mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.

We go to court for you

Under Penal Code 977 we can make all your court appearances without you having to be present. In most cases, you will never have to go to court. We appear on your behalf and represent you to the fullest extent of the law.

Cost effective

Hiring an attorney doesn't have to be expensive. Our fees are reasonable because we have designed our business to be efficient. Many clients actually save money because they have hired our law firm.