Join the Ticket King Team

CA Ticket King is always looking for good attorneys to join our team. A typical day will have you spending your time between phone calls, advising on drivers license issues and appearing in California traffic courts. The ideal attorney is someone who can handle a variety of tasks and is confident using mobile devices like iPads or smart phones. If you’re a California licensed attorney, in good standing, who can take on new cases, we want to hear from you.

Why Ticket King?

Auto Pay

Our fee split is 50/50, you go to court and we provide your support. We are Attorney owned and operated. Attorney fees are automatically deposited into your business debit card or checking account. Our direct-to-debit technology handles fee split automatically.


Case management is done in the cloud. No more client paper files.


Only a tablet is needed to work our cases.

Low Overhead

No office needed, while you may choose to meet clients in an office it’s not necessary.

Direct Access with Clients

You take your own phone calls, no call center here. Text the client while you’re in court or call from our mobile app, all from the convenience of your phone.

Knowledge Base

We’ve developed a knowledge base to answer direct legal questions. Additionally, you can chat with other attorneys that are online. In a closed environment.


Motion Database

We’ve litigated thousands of traffic cases and have developed a motion databank with everything from a suppression motion to a memorandum on sentencing to expungement.

Office Support

Cases are created and assigned to you, the attorney. But first, they are checked for completeness such as contact info and documentation. Our staff will include Case details from court docs to client details.